This assignment is a brief summary aboutthe lesson this week.  In other words, what did you learn from this week’s assignment.  This should be no more than 5-6 paragraphs or about one full page, and have at least one cited reference.  Review the grading rubric below to determine if you have met, partially met, or not met criteria for this assignment.

Submit in the Drop box by the due date

Reflective Journal Guidelines

  1. Reflect uponthis week’s reading and lecture.
    1. Write a brief summary aboutthe lesson of the week.
    2. What did you learn from this week’s assignment?
    3. Explain how you could adapt and/or apply these tools to your career as a RN.
  2. No more than one page.
  3. Clearly written using APA format.
  4. Use at least one reference.

Reference from LPN to RN Transitions by Lora Claywell.

Grading Rubric

Content           60%

Approx 1 page  20%

APA, spelling     20%

Total:  100%

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