Psychiatric Care and Mental Health in the Community

Psychiatric Care and Mental Health in the Community

Read chapter 24 (PowerPoint Attached) once done answer the following questions;

1- Explain and give some examples of the concepts of community mental health and discuss the importance of community mental health promotion in special populations.

2- Describe the biological, social, and political factors associated with mental illness.

3- Describe different types of evidence-based treatment for mental disorders, including the use of psychotropic medication management, community case management, and crisis intervention. Give at least one example.

4- Describe the role of mental health nurses in the community.


*Original papers (NO Plagiarism) 

*APA format word document, Arial 12

*A minimum of 3 evidence-based references besides the class textbook no older than 5 years.

*A minimum of 750 words is required. Please make sure to follow the instructions as given.

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