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Singer, P. W. (2015). Stuxnet and its hidden lessons on the ethics of cyber weapons. Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law, 47(3), 79–86. Retrieved from auth=CAS&url= direct=true&db=tsh&AN=108307851&site=ehost-live&scope=site

Write an article critique that begins by addressing the following questions: What is Stuxnet, and what set it apart from other potential threats? How did Stuxnet get around standard computer operating systems?

Then continue with your article critique by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the article by addressing the following items: Do you agree or disagree that Stuxnet could be considered a cyber weapon? Could nations consider this type of attack an act of war? Why, or why not? Do you agree or disagree with the author’s viewpoints on the ethical considerations and implications of Stuxnet? Do you believe that the United States should be able to use worms such as Stuxnet to counter unsanctioned nuclear programs? What consequences might result from such use? Do you believe that the United States has updated critical infrastructures to deal with potential threats similar to Stuxnet?

At the end of the article, in the second-to-last paragraph, the author suggests two ways in which to judge the ethics of Stuxnet. Explain why you align yourself with one of the two focuses given, or offer your own focus and an explanation. Finally, answer the question posed at the end of the same paragraph.

Your article critique will be a minimum of three pages, not counting the title and reference pages. It should present an insightful and thorough analysis with strong arguments and evidence. You must use a minimum of two sources in addition to the Singer article in support of your analysis. All sources used will be properly cited. Your article critique, including all references, must be formatted in APA style.

Reference:   Baggett, R. K., Foster, C. S., & Simpkins, B. K. (Eds.). (2017). Homeland security technologies for the 21st century. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.

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