Completed Brochure

Project:  To gain experience in developing a brochure to promote some aspect of your program / project.  Develop a brochure for the purpose of reaching a particular audience (student, staff, community) with specific information, (i.e., employee recruitment, new program advertisement, etc.).

Rationale:  To gain experience in the process of dissemination of information through the format of a brochure.  Brochures can be used to present reports, programs, system services and numerous other topics that are timeless in nature to a variety of groups (parents, staff, new teachers, etc.).

Many school districts have to promote their programs each year as a part of their communications efforts.  Some small school districts will develop a brochure that represents curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as other aspects of school and community involvement.  Your brochure can be utilized to promote any aspect of your school program/project etc.

Directions:  Your project will include a: 1) plan, and 2) one copy of the brochure emailed to Dr. Roberts (

1.  Plan for the development of brochure:

A  Statement for the purpose(s) of this brochure.

B.  Rationale (statement of need).

C.  Description of the target audience(s) number, special characteristics and reasons why they were selected to receive brochures.

D.  Outline of the information to be covered by panel.  Number your panels and describe the intent on each panel in the plan.

G.  If revising, include old brochure.  Select an example of the possible brochure layouts or create your own unique style.  Keep in mind that the brochure must be to the point, using few words, include graphics or pictures.  People do not take the time to read a brochure that is too “busy.”

2.  The production layout of a brochure should be computer-generated, error-free, thoroughly proofed and ready to be printed.    It will be either a three or four panel brochure with a front side and a back side.  Your file you send me will have both pages.  Make sure you do NOT complete one side using a template and send it with the template boilerplate info on page two.  Any diagrams or pictures should be included (or pasted) in position desired.  This should be a camera-ready copy ready to be given to a printer.  You will send this with the plan.  Can be two separate attachments.  (i.e., brochure as a .pub in Publisher and the plan as a .doc file in Word)

COPY AND PAST THIS SECTION BELOW AND PASTE IT TO THE END OF YOUR PLAN  NOTE:  2 points will be deducted if this guide for evaluation is not attached to your plan




clear purpose


clear rationale (statement of need)


description of the target audience


layout (placement of graphics and text)


personalized to address audience


appropriate for target audience


omits or handles information that could be outdated in 2 – 3 years


most important information included


balance (not too many graphics, text, etc. and spacing & centering)


first panel communicates purpose of brochure


headings match content


logically organized within each panel


all six panels logically sequenced on page 1 and page 2


overall quality (no typos, photos of people not skewed out of proportion, overall content, attractive)



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