Using the recommended Web sites below, conduct an online investigation of state terrorism. For each question, support your assessment and criticisms with information from a journal article.

1. Are there certain governmental or institutional profiles that distinguish repressive regimes from non-repressive regimes? If so, please list and discuss the profiles you are referring to in your response.

2. Read the mission statements of the monitoring organizations. Do they reflect objective and professionally credible approaches for monitoring the behavior of states? If so, discuss how; if not discuss why you are taking this position and then discuss how monitoring might better be accomplished.

3. In your opinion, how effective are these organizations? You should support your opinion with research that addresses this issue and supports your opinion.

Recommended Websites

The following Web sites are links to international organizations that provide information about countries and human rights conditions.

· Amnesty International 

· CIA (World Factbook) 

· Doctors of the World 

· Human Rights Watch 

· Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières 

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