Schachman K., Lee R.: Provide The Step-By-Step Explanation Of Requirements., And Lederman, R. (2004) Baby Boot Camp: Facilitating Maternal Role Adaptation In Military Wives. Nursing Research, 53(4). Was The Experimental Intervention Described In Detail?

Schachman K., Lee R.: Provide the step-by-step explanation of requirements., and Lederman, R. (2004) Baby Boot Camp: Facilitating maternal role adaptation in military wives. Nursing Research, 53(4).
Was the experimental intervention described in detail?
Was justification from the literature provided expectations provided for the development of the experimental intervention?
Was the experimental intervention the best that could be provided given current knowledge?
Was a protocol developed to ensure consistent or reliable implementation assessing the student’s learning implementation of the treatment with each subject throughout the study?
Did the study report indicate who implemented the treatment? If more than one person implemented the treatment, were they trained to ensure consistency in the delivery of the treatment?
Was any control group intervention described?
Was there an intervention theory provided to explain why the intervention causes the outcomes and exactly how the intervention produced the desired effects?

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