To be an effective writer, it is extremely important to understand not just the purpose behind your writing project but also the audience that you are addressing.

For this writing log, you need to accomplish the following tasks: 


Should Telehealth care be a great option and cost effective for Nursing Homes?

  1. Think about a presentation that you could give on your research paper topic.
  2. Describe your topic and your purpose behind your presentation.
  3. Identify three different audience types who might be interested in the topic.
  4. Explain the differences between how you will approach your different audiences based on their knowledge base and their preexisting viewpoint on the topic.

For example, if you were writing about “online education versus traditional on-ground education,” you could give a presentation about why online education has more benefits for returning learners than on-ground education does. Three audiences who might be interested in this topic are administrators at a traditional college considering opening an online component, potential returning students deciding whether to apply for a ground or online program, and students already enrolled in an online program. While each group has an interest in the topic, the presentation should shift according to the audiences’ interests, background knowledge on the topic, and point of view. You should explain which approaches are needed and what different points you might focus on for each audience.

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