Please Answer The Following Questions- Will Be Used In A Power

The topic for the power point is based on a medical case concerning hypertension incident in the hispanic population.  Must include works cited in APA format.

the topics for the power point will include:

Distribution table


  1. Histogram
  2. Bar Graph
  3. Circle graph
  4. Frequency polygon

Centralization measures

  1. Mean or Arithmetic Average.
  2. Median
  3. Mode

Position measures

  1. Quartiles
  2. Deciles
  3. Percentiles

Measures of dispersion

  1. Range
  2. Mean deviation
  3. Variance
  4. Typical Deviation (Standard deviation).

Attached are the directions that were given for formulating the power point. Be sure to follow these instructions exactly. Cannot be any less than 17 slides.

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