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Guidelines for Scholarly Article Critique

***Abstract: a genera! overview of the paper that provides the purpose, methodology, results/findings and conclusions.

1. Methodology

The methodology is the blueprint of the study that provides details of the purpose, results, findings and conclusions.

****Important to concentrate fully on information provided here helps to understand the entire article.

2. Research Design

What is being measured?

What variables are presented?

What are the sampling instruments?

Is the data analysis presented in a clear and measurable format?

Sample Size


Data Analysis

3. Literature Review

The literature review is very important.

References should have a complete bibliography not older than five years.

Without this review the data analysis does not have validity


Is the article relevant to your course of study?

Can you relate it theoretically, clinically, age specifics?

Growth/Development scale

4. Conclusions

5. References

6. The writing must be APA Format.


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