Health & Medical class

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HPS 387 Outline for Summary and Analysis Paper

**This is only a guideline to help you start properly structuring your paper. You may write any way you wish, as long as you provide the information in APA format.

**Please refer to the guidelines and rubric for specifics.**


  • Times new roman
  • 12 font
  • 1 inch margins
  • Double spaced
  • Excluding cover page and references it should be a full 3 pages.
  • Cover page (Name, date, TA and Preceptor, class, and university)
  • Label both sections (1 and 2 separately because it helps during grading and makes your paper look more organized) or make it clear where you begin talking about your recommendation.
  • APA formatting for the whole paper, including references (refer to the Purdue Owl website for help with this; link can be found at content>commentary information>resources for commentaries)

Section 1: Reflection

  • This section is the first half of your commentary. It should be a reflection on everything you learned up until this commentary.
  • Make proper connections with what you have learned in class and in your readings.
  • Include any adequate outside references that help strengthen your statement, but focus mainly on the resources you already have.
  • A common and effective way to begin this portion is to set it up in a 5-paragraph format (you are not required to write it this way, this is only one suggested way).
  • 1st paragraph = Introduction
    • Talk about a general theme you noticed throughout all the lectures, or use a specific health disparity/disparities to expand on class content.
    • Set up your upcoming paragraphs to include 3 main points that you think are the biggest topics that contribute towards your chosen theme/disparity
  • 2nd Paragraph
    • Talk about the first point you stated (AKA your thesis)
    • Include references from the reading and lectures
    • Proper formatting and grammar.
  • 3rd Paragraph
    • Talk about the second point you stated (AKA your thesis)
    • Include references from the reading and lectures
    • Proper formatting and grammar.
  • 4th Paragraph
    • Talk about the third point you stated (AKA your thesis)
    • Include references from the reading and lectures
    • Proper formatting and grammar.
  • Conclusion
    • Wrap up and summarize your reflection.
    • Do not make it lengthy, it should be a brief summary of everything, but don’t make it only 2 sentences either.

Section 2: Public Health Recommendation

  • For this section, pick a public health topic that is affecting people throughout the world or in your community (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, etc.); it can be anything.
  • Tie in your what you have learned and provide Interventions/ recommendations on a micro, middle and macro level as to how you can improve this health disparities on each level. Use outside sources (i.e. peer reviewed articles) to support your recommendation.
  • Be very specific and detailed as to what type of recommendation you choose and how it can help in each level.

Some Points:

  • Note: Many worry about page length, but if you stick to this standard format or even talk about everything clearly, you should have no problem reaching the guidelines.
  • Feel free to ask any questions or consult your TA’s and preceptors for any questions.
  • Utilize Think Tank and other resources to peer review your papers. A paper with good grammar can always be distinguished from a paper with bad grammar, so help yourself by editing your paper properly.
  • I hope this helps you all with the upcoming commentary and the future ones to come.


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