positives and negatives of this small change

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Read Chapter 9, APA Style, Minimum 2 references.

1. Try taking a different route to class the next time it meets. Before you do this, think about how many changes, large and small, you will have to make to do this.

a-Will you have to leave earlier to be in class on time?

b-Will you meet different people on your way to class?

c-See different sights?

d-Would you change your route to class on the day of the final exam?

e-Why or why not? Summarize the positives and negatives of this small change. Relate your responses to this change to the way staff nurses feel when an administrator makes what he or she thinks is a “minor” change.

2. Think about a change that has occurred in your life. Some examples may be a change of role, a move, a marriage, a birth, a divorce, or a death.

a-How did you react to the change?

b-Would you have reacted differently if you had had more information?

c-Using Lewin’s model, describe the basic elements in the situation and how you eventually achieved a comfortable outcome.


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Chapter 9 People and the Process of Change Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Change • A natural phenomenon • Macro- and micro-change Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company The Process of Change • The comfort zone – Unfreezing – Change – Refreezing – Return to new comfort zone Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company The Change Process Unfreezing Change Refreezing    Comfort → Discomfort → New zone zone zone Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Sources of Resistance to Change • Technical concerns • Psychosocial needs • Position and power Copyright © 2015. F.A. Davis Company Receptivity to Change • Recognize differences in preferences for certainty. • Speak to people’s feelings. • Stories

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