Pharmacist slept with Bobby the Nurse

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Please respond to this 2 Discussion Prompts.

Please respond to discussion posts separately. The TWO peer posts should state whether you agree or disagree with the post, then provide a short explanation to support your reasoning (50 – 100 words each).

If there any citation, Please cite APA 7th edition.

Discussion pompt #1

St Martha’s hospital needs a long educational course on how to be professional and ethical. They allow such ethical violations as unauthorized treatments being given to patients, improperly trained staff caring for patients, and falsifying legal documentation to name a few things.

In the case of the affair. Leann the Pharmacist slept with Bobby the Nurse. When the affair was over the two could no longer work together professionally and Leann got back at Bobby by not filling the medications his patients needed. If the two individuals had interprofessional education they would know that sleeping with a coworker is extremely unprofessional, especially a married coworker. According to Pozgar (2016), a pharmacist is legally required to prepare and dispense drugs for patients. The fact that she denied Bobby’s patients the medications they needed is considered unprofessional conduct. According to Pozgar (2016), she could get her license revoked or suspended for such actions.

The whole staff should have a briefing about the dangers of having a romantic relationship with a coworker. There is a risk of patients getting caught in the crossfire so to say, just like in the case mentioned above. They should also all have a briefing on the hospitals Code of Ethics because the staff has broken most if not all the ethical codes. For example, the codes avoid conflict of interest and set metrics and report results accurately were broken when the hospital president hired her best friend to be the accountant and they falsified legal documents to get a loan for the hospital.

If the staff was properly trained, then there would be far less risk of injury the patients and ethical codes would not get violated like they are now. If they are violated, I think the clinician should be instantly fired. They should be fired because they have been trained on the importance of professionalism and ethics and violates should not be tolerated.

Discussion pompt # 2

An interprofessional education could be beneficial to the employees in St. Martha’s General Hospital Scenario particularly since it will help the employees gather shared knowledge of other health care workers duties in the facility. Interprofessional education (IPE) refers to the situations where two different professionals learn about one another to improve the collaboration and quality of care patients receive (Guraya & Barr, 2018). A hospital setting can benefit tremendously by incorporating interprofessional education simply by helping employees collaborate and promote teamwork within the workplace (Guraya & Barr, 2018).

Looking at the different scenarios at St. Martha’s General Hospital, the lack of interprofessional education shows drastically particularly in the slacker scenario part 1 & 2. In these scenarios, Tom and Bobby disregard their job as nurses by passing along their work to their nurse assistants, act unprofessionally, misuse proper hygiene responsibilities, falsely request medication for patients that do not need them, and improperly dispose waste products in the healthcare facility. These unprofessional behaviors that the nurses are demonstrating can lead to tragic consequences for patients, hospitals, and co-workers. The use of interprofessional education could benefit in this scenario by helping nursing assistants know the job of their fellow nurses and what their responsibilities are to reduce the improper conduct these nurses are exemplifying into their workforce. Nursing assistants being aware of the nurse’s responsibilities in the workforce would help eliminate the questionable behavior on what they should and shouldn’t be doing. This can reduce risk and improve the quality-of-care patients are receiving.

Some different ways knowledge can be passed on to other employees regarding job responsibilities are through in-service trainings. As a caregiver my employer relies our duties and the duties of others through yearly and 6-month trainings which include the responsibility and duties of our team in order to provide the best care to our patients. These trainings are very beneficial since they act as a tool to update and refresh an employee’s occupational knowledge and skill duties that are necessary for fulfilling the duties and responsibilities that we as a healthcare provider must adhere to.


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