Consolidation of services

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1. Read the article on merging facilities.

2. Read the article Making an Organizational Chart using SmartDraw in Microsoft Word.…

3. Read about organizational charts in Schermerhorn, Chapter 8.

4. Read about organizational charts in Oachs & Watters, pages 677-678.

5. Watch the Video on Hospital organizations.

Some tips for completing the organization chart assignment:

  • Two organization charts are required: one for hospital 1 and another for hospital 2. No chart is needed for the combined department, just a short narrative on the personnel changes that might be needed in a merged department.
  • Use only the positions that are listed. Do not add positions.
  • When there are multiple staff doing the same function, you do not need multiple boxes to illustrate each employee. (e.g. all the coders can be represented in one box.)
  • Subordinates should report to only ONE person. For example – a group of coders would not report to a group of transcriptionists. Each group doing the same function should report to only one person above them.


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Two local hospitals that are struggling financially have decided to merge. Consolidation of services, including HIM, will be taking place. Hospital 1 Hospital 2 Director Department Supervisor Transcription Supervisor 8 coders 12 transcriptionists 6 assemblers/analysts 2 ROI clerks 3 scanner techs 2 incomplete records 4 file clerks 1 cancer registrar Director Transcription Supervisor 4 coders 5 transcriptionists 2 assemblers/analysts 1 ROI clerk 1.5 scanner techs 1 incomplete records 4 file clerks 1 cancer registrar Create an organizational chart for hospital 1, an organizational chart for hospital 2. Examine the two HIM department structures in place now. Write a one page opinion about how they could be restructured. Be sure to support your position using theory and strategy found in your textbook. …
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