Leadership Discussion 2 Week 2


In what ways does color-blind racism support the traditional American ideal that any individual can succeed if they only try hard enough?


Students will receive up to 15 points for their primary post due by Friday at 11:59 PM EST. Students must post replies to at least two fellow students for which they will receive up to 5 points each for substantive posts. A total of 25 possible points can be earned each week for each assignment. All posts (Primary and replies to fellow classmates) must include at least (1) citation/resource to substantiate any claim/objective. (Although this exercise is a discussion, it requires academic vetting.)

The Primary post must be at 250 words.  All posts, (Primary and Secondary) should include at least (1) one citation in order support all comments.  Primary post can earn up to half of the total available points.

Secondary post to classmates must be at least 75 words each.  Secondary post combined with primary, will represent some or all of the total available points.

  • Primary posts are due by 11:55 PM on Friday
  • Secondary/Reply posts are due by 11:55 PM on Tuesday.
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