Regresson Modeling

Regression Modeling

Regression modeling is a foundational skill for  those conducting secondary data analysis, much like you will encounter  in the completion of the Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA)  program. Additionally, regression modeling assists in finding  connections among multiple variables and one dependent variable.  Consider, for example, a healthcare administrator who may be asked to  develop or interpret models of patient satisfaction based on other  quantitative or dichotomous variables.

For this Assignment, review the resources for  this week. Then, review your course text, and complete Case Study 11.2  on page 536 The case study is based on a real-world problem.

For Chapter 11, case study 11.1, you will need to download the file C11_01.xlsx from the textbook companion website  Under “Book Resources”, click on “Student Downloads” to view the  downloadable files. Click “Case Files” and download the zipped file Open the zipped file to access the file C11_01.xlsx.


The Assignment: (3–5 pages)

  • Complete Case Study 11.2, “Heating Oil at Dupree Fuel Company” on page 536 of your course text using SPSS.Re

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