BZ480 Online Exam 1 SCORE 100 PERCENT

Which of the following is characterized by networks of international linkages that bind countries, institutions, and people in an interdependent economy?

Question options:










Question 3

Experts suggest that firms wanting to globalize through e-commerce must first localize, which means firms need to:

Question options:


modify their products and services   to meet the needs and interests of local cultures.


test their products and services   in local markets before selling them over the Internet.


sell their products in a   brick-and-mortar store before selling them through an e-market.


use local suppliers, vendors, and   distributors to manufacture products for the local market.


Question 4

In recent years, which of the following has lessened the criticisms of MNCs?

Question options:


Increasing economic differences   among countries


Dissolution of MNCs in developing   countries


Limited emphasis on social   responsibility and ethical behavior


Greater emphasis on social   responsibility by MNCs


Question 5

__________ lies at the intersection of financial, social, and environmental health––sometimes described as the “triple bottom line.”

Question options:










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