1 Page Essay

Citing specific evidence from the Ramayana (not from the textbook), explain some of the characteristics of the ideal ruler in ancient South Asian society.

Before proceeding, you might wish to read the short notes (Links to an external site.) and review the study questions (Links to an external site.) on the Ramayana. You might also want to read the remarks by Ritu Verma (Links to an external site.) on growing up in India with the Ramayana.  Check out the short video about this assignment.

Your paper must follow this format:

  • must have brief introduction and conclusion paragraphs (each not to exceed three lines); the introduction must directly respond to the assignment question and identify your analysis/thesis points.
  • font size 10 or 12 only
  • one-inch margins
  • double-spaced
  • page number citations for your quoted evidence
  • name, and only your name, at the top left of the paper
  • not to exceed one (1) page
  • What was the attitude of the Ramayana to the family?
    2.  How did the book resemble other famous “epic” poems, such as the OdysseyIliadPopol Vuh or Gilgamesh?
    3.  What were some of the characteristics of the ideal ruler?
    4.  What was the author’s definition of “virtue” and “honor?”
    5.  Was there any resemblance between the ethical system of the Ramayana and Western ethical religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam)?
    6.  According to the Ramayana, what were the essentials of good government?
    7.  In what ways was the religious conception of the Ramayana similar to Judaism, Christianity and Islam?  Explain.
    8.  Did the epic provide any evidence about the nature of the caste system in South Asia?
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