Current Event – Local Issue


Find an article in your local newspaper (Articles may not be more than one month old) about a local policy issue that affects you. For example, an article concerning your county’s decision to privatize your trash collection service. Address the following:

●Summarize the article (The student describes the main points clearly).

●Explain how this issue affects you (The student identifies how the issue relates to them accurately and in detail).

●Is the article neutral? Why or why not?

● How might you influence this policy in the future (The student provides a detailed account of how they might influence the issue).

Evaluate the source (The student accurately evaluates the source).

Writing Requirements (APA format)

Length: 3 full pages (not including title page or references page)

In-text citations with at least two references

1-inch margins

Double spaced

12-point Times New Roman font

Title page

References page

Hyperlink to the article

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