Week 5 Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan with Accommodations and Modifications

Based on the following scenario, develop a 45-minute lesson plan at a selected early childhood age/grade level (birth through age 8 or through Grade 3) and in one content area of your choice (math, science, social studies, or reading/language arts) according to the following format.

Scenario: You teach in a regular education classroom of 20 children. Among them are one child who has a learning disability, two children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), one English Language Learner (ELL), and one gifted child.

1. Central Focus of Lesson: Select national and state standard(s) for your identified early childhood age/grade level and academic content area (e.g., mathematics, science). Based on the selected standard(s), describe the focus of the topic in this lesson plan.

2. Learning Objectives: Develop learning objectives for the 45-minute lesson that meet the criteria below:

· Specific, measurable, and observable

· State what children should know and be able to do

· Align to state standards

· Age/grade-level and content-area appropriate

3. Materials: Identify and provide, as appropriate, the materials and instructional resources needed for the teacher and children. Resources may include technology, handouts, guest speakers, etc. Describe how the materials support and enhance the lesson.

4. Classroom arrangement and grouping: Describe the classroom arrangement and grouping strategies you will use during this lesson. Include the following:

· A description of how this design influences a positive learning environment and supports the identified children in the scenario

· A description of how the physical layout and classroom arrangement supports the instructional approach defined in your lesson plan

5. Instructional approach: Provide a detailed outline of the lesson that includes the following:

· Set the stage for learning

· Lesson delivery and guided practice

· Accommodations and modifications for children described in the scenario

· Closure

· Independent practice

6. Assessment: Create one formative and one summative assessment that aligns to the selected national/state standard(s) and the lesson objective(s).

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