French Homework

What do you think of Luigi Barzini’s observation that the rooster is an appropriate repesentation of the French national character?

The choice is fortuitous, of course, because of a Latin pun, Gallus, meaning both the courtyard animal and the inhabitant of Gaul. The English pun could probably be considered even more apt. The brilliantly plumed cock is the first to announce the dawn of a new day to everybody, dominates his immediate world, seduces and fecundates all the unresisting hens, destroys his rivals, and crows triumphantly from the top of the dungheap. (Barzini 1983, 120)

Asselin, Gilles; Mastron, Ruth (2010-07-16). Au Contraire!: Figuring Out the French (p. 12). Nicholas Brealey Publishing. Kindle Edition.

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