Information Technology Project In APA Format

Requirement attached in word file.

Sample APA format also attached.

Make sure you will follow the APA format strictly with Table Content and point wise.


1. – What is an Information Technology Project? (Max 50 words) ”Cite the source – Use APA”

2. – What is research? (Max 100 words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

3. – Why we need to research? (Max 50 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

3.1. – Explain what we mean by Qualitative research

3.2. – Explain what we mean by Quantitative Research

3.3. – What is a survey?

3.4. – List the major parts of a research paper

3.5. – What is a Peer Review Journal?

4. – What we need to research? (Max 50 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

4.1. – Why we need to use keywords during our Lit Review?

5. – What is a research methodology? (Max 100 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

6. – What is a research design? (Max 100 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

7. – What we mean by project deliverable? (Max 50 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

8. – Is deadline an important aspect of a project? (Max 50 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

9. – What is project limitations? (Max 50 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

10. – What do we mean when we say resources? (Max 100 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

11. – Why we need to apply APA Basic Citation Stiles in a research proposal? (Max 100 Words).  “Cite the source – Use APA”

12. – From our Syllabus, please explain what we mean by Academics Integrity? (Max 250 Words)  “Cite the source – Use APA”

13. – What is Plagiarism? (Max 100 Words) ”Reference the Academic Integrity from the Syllabus”

14. – What is Self-Plagiarism? (Max 50 Words)   ”Reference the Academic Integrity from the Syllabus”

To complete this assignment, the following must be observed

1. – Use only Peer-reviewed Journal to research the above questions.

2. – Adhere and apply properly the Basic Citation Styles of the APA (Use as a reference the APA Manual. Sixth Editions).

3. – If you use the ideas, concepts, and words of another author, then, you need to cite the source and give credit to the author. Not citing in-text the source will be considered Plagiarism, and you will receive zero (0) for your assignment.

4. – Do not copy and paste information. (You will receive zero (0) for your Assignment).

5. – No late submission is accepted.

6. – This is an individual assignment, not a group assignment.

7. – You need to use the Sample-APA-Paper provided to submit your assignment.

8. – Use the Sample – APA – Paper provided as a guide to submit your assignment.

      8.1.- Observe the Paper Structure and Formating.

      8.2.- Make sure you observe The Title Page and Structure.

      8.3.- Your list of reference must be per APA.

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