Exam 500323RR Insurance

1.   Which of the following is true of survival   statutes? 



A. It preserves the right to bring a lawsuit for     personal injuries, no matter what caused the death(s). 


B. It can only be     brought by family members who have lost the support of the deceased. 


C. It allows suits     to be brought for libel after the death of a defamed person. 


D. It preserves     the right to bring a lawsuit only if the death is caused by negligence of     the defendant. 


2.   Stanley falls into the low-income group. Which       of the following healthcare plans can Stanley opt for? 



A. Medicaid 


B. Medicare 


C. Mediclaim


D. Long-term         care insurance 



3.   Joseph owes $15,000 to Carmel Enterprises, $8,500 to   Vulcan Co., $11,000 to David, and $11,500 to Sigma Enterprises. He has not   been making payments on these debts for the past 20 months. Which of these   creditors can force Joseph into involuntary bankruptcy? 



A. Carmel     Enterprises and David only 


B. Sigma     Enterprises, David and Vulcan Co. only 


C. Carmel     Enterprises, Sigma Enterprises, David, and Vulcan Co. 


 D. Carmel     Enterprises only 


4.   The Daubert case involved juriscience, the       intersection of law and science, to help the court determine a question       of real or 



A. causation in fact. 


B. vicarious         liability. 


C. duty. 


D. proximate         cause. 


5.   Sally and Ethel have a falling out. Sally,           to cause distress to Ethel and her husband Elmer, posts on the           Internet that Elmer is having an affair with a college student, even           though Sally knows that what she is saying isn’t true. Which of the following           statements is true?



A. Ethel             has a claim for defamation against Sally. 


B. Sally             has a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress. 


C. Sally             has a claim for defamation against Ethel. 

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