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Impact of Patient-Engaged Video Surveillance on Nursing Workforce Safety

It is important that the nursing profession know how much value they bring to their workplace, hence, their safety is just as important as that of the patient they care for. This article addresses the physical/verbal care that nurses go through in the process of providing care to the patients. This article was designed to carryout a study on the use of Patient-engaged video Surveillance(PEVS) in monitoring and attending immediately to the abuse nurses face at work. It is sad to see that workplace violence in the healthcare and other organizations continue to increase in United States. (Quigley et al.,2020) Just as the dates of this article clearly states shows how important workplace violence in healthcare need to be resolved. The implication of this study for nurses and the healthcare facility is to have patients being assessed for physical behavior, risk of aggression or physical abuse on the workers before admission. Also, this article highlights the importance of installing PEVS at the hospitals because they help to track and monitor patients aggression towards the nursing staff and more importantly, it increases the safety of both the patient and nurses. Hence, it is believed from this study that workplace violence is not to be ignored because nursing staffs are central to the quality care of the patient, then, nurses safety should be of great concern to the hospital.


Quigley, P. A., Votruba, L., & Kaminski, J. (2020). Impact of Patient-Engaged Video Surveillance on Nursing Workforce Safety: Patient Aggression/Violence. Journal of nursing care quality35(3), 213-219. https://doi.org/10.1097/NCQ.0000000000000450

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