BM410 LEsson 4 & 5 Exam SCORE 95 PERCENT

Activities that sales managers might spend time on during the planning and implementation of sales training include all of the following except

Question options:


arranging for salespeople to work   with key personnel in various <br /> departments in the firm to become   familiar with their functions.


enrolling salespeople in   professional workshops or training programs.


accompanying salespeople in the   field to critique their sales behavior <br /> and reinforce other   training.


managing the recruitment and   selection of new salespeople.


Question 2

These training methods are best used as supplemental training to update the salesforce, reinforce previous training, or to provide basic materials to be covered in more detail at a later date.

Question options:




Behavioral simulations


Ease studies




Question 3

The purpose of sales training needs assessment is to compare the specific performance-related skills, attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors required for salesforce success to the

Question options:


salesforce rating results of a   customer survey.


performance test results of each   salesperson.


job analysis of each sales   position.


state of readiness of the   salesforce.


Question 4

Answers to the what, when, where, and how questions are finalized during this step in the sales training process.

Question options:


Assess sales training needs


Perform sales training


Design the sales training program


Follow-up and evaluation


Question 5

Which of the following forms of on-the-job training is often used to groom salespeople for management positions?

Question options:


Filling in for vacationing   salespeople


Job rotation


Working with a senior salesperson


Working with a sales manager who   acts as a &quot;coach&quot;


Question 6

A sales training workshop devoted to communicating the importance of qualifying prospects would be aimed at teaching salespeople how to work with this type of buyer:

Question options:


The sales job facilitator


The persuader


The hard bargainer


The socializer


Question 7

A _______ is an investigation of the task, duties, and responsibilities of the sales job.

Question options:


customer survey


job analysis


competitor survey


performance testing


Question 8

Sales training covering aspects of customer knowledge may include information on all of the following subjects except

Question options:


buying motives.


customer needs.


buyer personalities.


buyers’ competitors.


Question 9

Which of the following media can be used to train the salesforce?

Question options:




telephone conferencing




Any or all of the above may be   used


Question 10

Which one of the following training method features lectures, demonstrations, and group discussion with expert trainers serving as instructors?

Question options:




Behavioral simulations






Question 11

The final step in the sales training process is

Question options:


designing the sales training   program.


assessing sales training needs.


performing sales training.


conducting follow-up and   evaluation.


Question 12

A _______ defines expected behavior for salespeople.

Question options:


customer survey


job analysis


competitor survey


performance testing


Question 13

Which one of the following key questions should be asked when evaluating alternatives for training?

Question options:


Which method (or methods) and   media are best suited for conducting the training?


Which method will require the   least amount of time away from active selling?


Which method is the least   expensive?


Which media is the most attractive   to upper-management levels?


Question 14

Initiation to task is the degree

Question options:


to which the salesperson has   managed to prioritize tasks in a way that will ensure success.


of personal satisfaction that the   sales trainee feels in his or her job.


to which a sales trainee feels   competent and accepted as a working partner.


of training that the sales trainee   has received.


Question 15

According to the text, a common mistake made by salespeople who need training on sales techniques is

Question options:


under-controlling the sales call.


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