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Marketing Myopia Essay

As discussed in the Unit I Lesson, the marketing concept  consists of    elements that concern market segmentation and how it relates to  target    markets.  Also, recall that promotion is used to reach those target  markets.

In this essay, define the marketing concept and summarize  its relationship   to marketing myopia. Give an example of marketing myopia that  you have seen.

  •   Your essay must include an   introduction.
  •    You   must also reference at least one journal article from the CSU            Online Library   and one article from a business-related or news website;            therefore, your essay   should be supported by at least two sources.
  •    Your   essay must be at least three pages in length and            double-spaced—not counting   the title and reference pages.
  •    All   sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material            must have   accompanying APA citations.

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