BSA/500: Business Systems I Wk 5 – Team Aligning Enterprise Solutions With Business Needs

Assignment Content

  1.     Enterprise information systems, sometimes referred to as enterprise-wide information systems, is a relatively broad category of software applications designed to support organizational goals that cross functional boundaries. For example, CRM affects functions ranging from marketing and customer acquisition to sales, production, and accounts receivable, so CRM, solutions fall into the enterprise information system category.
  2. For this assignment, collectively construct a table listing 6 specific enterprise solutions. For each, list the name of the solution; the type of the solution (such as CRM, EPR or SCM); at least one competitor; and the business need the solution is designed to meet.
    Goals & standards


Aligned with assessment (2)

  •         5.1 5.1 Compare and contrast enterprise-wide information systems.  Goal Set & Category BSA_500 Course Objective   Show Less
  •         5.2 5.2 Analyze the alignment between enterprise-wide business solutions and specific business needs.  Goal Set & Category BSA_500 Course Objective
    Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

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