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Post 3: Migration Book Selection

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POST #3: Book Selection

Greetings, Population Geography students

Post #3 is about the first thoughts on the book you are choosing to read for the end of our term. You should look through the reading list that I provided under ‘Files’. This is not an exhaustive list, so you’ll find many other books if you want something else.

Your 2-3-page Post should contain the following:

1) Book title. Publishing Date.

2) First section: Reason you chose this book. And, tell us what it’s about. about 3/4 of a double-spaced page.

3) 2nd section: About 3/4 of a page. Find three articles that are around the time/place/conflict/events of the book you are reading. Explain and describe the articles/events. What are the circumstances that precipitated the refugee movement or the immigration of the subjects of your book. Find diverse articles, diverse sources – particularly with anything political. Don’t look at only one source. Cite your sources.

4) 3rd section: About 3/4 of a page. Find two or three great quotes/excerpts from your book selection that speak to you. That make you say, ‘oh my gosh!’, or something like that! Why? What do you look forward to learning as you read your book? Wrap it up.

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