Need Research Paper And PPT On The Following In 8 Hrs. Plagiarism Free

The written research paper  should be 5-7 pages double spaced and APA compliant discussing Part I and II. The cover page and reference list are excluded. The PPT presentation should consist of 18-20 slides discussing Part I and II. All work must be original to the team.

Part I

For Part I, select one of the TOGAF Architecture Case Studies and apply the Threat Model Analysis” TMA 7-steps for security analysis.

Provide security recommendations for one the Case Studies based on the Threat Model Analysis” TMA 7-steps. Analyze the case using the security information presented in this residency to gain background information. Also, make assumptions as needed to build your case presentation.

Case Study Companies

Department of Social Security (UK)

Litton PRC (US)

Ministry of Defense (UK)

National Health Service (UK)

NATO (Belgium)

Police IT Organization (UK)

QA Consulting (UK)

Westpack (Australia)

Requirement: Since this will be an online residence, consideration is given to the students. For this reason, only two company case studies will be analyzed: Litton PRC and Westpack. The written Report and PPT must analyze the companies using the TMA 7-steps.

Part II

Respond to the following questions based on class readings, notes, and discussions so far. Think of a company with eCommerce presence and make assumptions as needed. Use APA formatting and at least 3-references from the materials reviewed.

  1. How often should the organization refresh its assessment of top risks?
  2. Who should own the top risks and who is accountable for results and to whom do they report?
  3. Are there any organizational “blind spots” warranting attention?
  4. How is the organization prepared to respond to extreme events?
  5. Does the organization have the required skills to provide effective risk oversight?
  6. As an Enterprise Architecture Professional would you recommend the TOGAF framework for enterprise architecture analysis? Why and why not?
  7. As an Enterprise Architecture Professional would you recommend the WASP ZAP tool for findings vulnerabilities in web applications? Discuss the OWASP ZAP pros and cons, Pros and Cons, benefits, valuable features, room for improvement, stability, scalability, and customer service technical support.

Requirement: Written Report and PPT answering the above questions.

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