Need to re-write my paper so must use same researchs but analize and see what i missed. Follow the rubric as is not the objectives but the rubric. 10 different research-based references was used and

Unit B, an OB-GYN Unit has had the same staff and staffing for the last five years. They work well together making the unit a very “happy” place for clients, their families, the doctors who come to the unit, and also other staff who provide services to the Unit and its clients. While there is a great attitude and all get along, the productivity and financial measures on the Unit have been below expectations for the past 6 months. You are the Nurse Manager and have been told that you need to investigate why productivity and finances have changed especially in timely discharge of clients and utilization of resources such supplies. You have also been told that the staffing will need to change which may include moving some staff to other unis.

In a 2-3 page paper, respond to the following:

  1. Describe how you will approach this need for planned change. Include any legal or ethical implications and what further questions you will need answered as you plan for the change.
  2. How you think staff will react to the changes and what you will do to deal with any resistance?
  3. What steps you will take to introduce the change and plan for it while still maintaining a Unit able to provide safe competent client-centered care.


Legal and ethical implications 2POINTS

Further questions needed- 2POINTS

Reaction to change and action to deal with resistance- 2POINTS

Steps to introduce change 3POINTS

Accurate grammar and spelling, APA- 1POINT

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