Indication Select a nursing research article from the list below that includes a theoretical or conceptual framework and the exploration of a clinical problem. Identify the nursing research article c

NSG3029 W5 Project

Research Template Name

Cite the article reviewed in APA style:

***In the template, any direct quotes from the articles needs to only include the page number.

Week 5 Template Check the correct method used in your article

Quantitative Qualitative 

Identify the research problem
Identify the research purpose
Summarize the literature review
Identify the framework or theoretical perspective
Identify the research questions or hypotheses
Identify the variables (dependent & independent) and demographic variables
Identify and discuss appropriateness of design
Discuss the validity and reliability of the of instruments, tools, or survey.
Discuss the significance of the study; were research questions resolved
Discuss legal and ethical issues of study; were human subjects protected
Discuss any cultural aspects of the study.
Describe the final sample
Describe the procedures used to collect data
Summarize the results including statistical analyses performed or other method of analysis
Describe how results of research may impact future nursing practice
Describe how research can be applied to student’s nursing practice

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