Indiana Institute of Technology Use of Cloud to Host It Infrastructure Essay

Question Description

You were recently contacted by the IT Director at Warrior Hospital regarding the idea of utilizing cloud computing at the hospital to host the Information technology software and applications. The IT Director expressed the need to scale IT services to meet the growth of the department and technology infrastructure. Hospital administration is putting emphasis on the need to allocate more space for patient care services and has asked the IT department to re-asses its current infrastrucutre. The IT Director would like to meet with you and gather your feedback regarding use of the cloud to host the IT infrastructure.

To prepare for this meeting, you research cloud computing in healthcare and create a list of at least 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages to the use of cloud computing. You focus your research on several areas including cost, access, privacy, security and performance.

For this assignment, you compile a formal recommendation to present to the IT Director that justifies your position on whether or not implementing could computing is a viable option for Warrior Hospital. Your recommendation should be 3-5 paragraphs in length, and include the following:

  • Your formal recommendation
  • Your list of advantages and disadvantages
  • The impact of cloud computing on cost, access, privacy & security and performance

Your paper should be approximately 3-5 paragraphs, APA formatted and include a header with your name, date, course name, and assignment title as well as a reference page that cites your resources.

Grading Rubric Criteria Points
Paper opens up with a formal recommendation to the use of cloud computing 10
Paper includes a list of at least 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of using cloud computing 5
Paper includes discussion of the cost, access, privacy and security and performance impacts of cloud computing 10
Paper is 3-5 paragraphs in length and includes a cover page and reference page 3
Paper is APA formatted and free of any spelling or grammar errors 2
Total 30

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