University of New Haven Leadership in Disaster Management Paper

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<p “=””>Overview of the class<p “=””>This coures is about Organizational Management and Communication in Disasters This course introduces students to theories of organizational dynamics and management as it pertains to crisis and disaster situations.The course also explores communication within the organization, with external agencies, and with the public and media during and after disaster events.Assignment:

Leadership in disaster management paper: Propose your ideal form of leadership in the Disaster and Emergency Management Preparedness phase. Defend your argument using the principles of Critical Thinking.Propose your ideal form of leadership in the Disaster and Emergency Management Preparedness phase. Defend your argument using the principles of Critical Thinking.

This analysis should once again develop the specific detail answers to the Analysis guideline questions and meet the expectation of the Universal Intellectual Standards and good academic written communication.

. Expect approximately 500 focused words.

Let me start at the back end. The paper should be not less than 500 words (which is fairly short). I wish to see you function in this assignment as an educator. The “Critical Analysis” I posted as the expected performance early in the course demands you address:

Who (many who’s), What, When (I set the time frame as Preparedness phase, thus you can decide for long range planning [not threat imminent] or pre-event [ threat is real and likely to be experienced “soon”]) Where ( you can set business or hospital Emergency Operation Center (EOC), town EOC, State EOC, etc.) all are descriptive elements.

Then you ANALYSE the WHY, the HOW, the WHY NOT, and the WHAT IF (you are explaining to me your ideal leader, based on your experience and study, addressing each aspect above).

Finally, you EVALUATE your actions by describing or stating the So What and What is next (why does good leadership matter, what else should you/ we study).

That is the essential critical thinking process.

The Standard I expect you to strive for is expressed in the Foundation for Critical Thinking ( The Universal Intellectual Standards are on that site Unfortunately the website now has a 14 trial on a subscription, but a limited download copy that itemizes the areas of interest is attached.

Page 12 of the attached guide.

I am looking for your position on the proper leader for driving the Emergency Management organization planning and preparation in the above described preparedness phase.

I will attach the book for you.

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