Psychological Egoism Is The View That All Persons, Without Exception, Seek Their Own Self-Interest.


After researching the psychology specialties listed below using the Occupational Outlook Handbook at, write a pair (2) of thorough and succinct paragraphs summarizing the job responsibilities,work locations,salaries,education,licensing requirements and career outlook for each career and its percentage growth expected. After each of the 12 paragraph pairs, note whether that specialty in psychology would be of interest to you as a career option in the future and explain why or why not. Once the 12 sets of paragraphs and interest or non-interest explanations are complete, compile them into asingle APA formatted paperusing the career titles as separating headings within the paper body. End the paper two paragraphs comparing and contrasting the way in which information about the 12 careers is communicated in the Occupational Outlook Handbook vs. how it is communicated on the website (i.e. which format was the easiest to navigate and understand; which had the most “news you could use” [i.e. info useful to someone accessing it to make a career decision).

Psychology Careers to be reviewed for this assignment:
Child Psychologist
Counseling Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist
Developmental Psychologist
Experimental Psychologist
Forensic Psychologist
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
Health Psychologist
School Psychologist
Social Psychologist
Sports Psychologist

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