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ively affected by stereotypes, and nurses should seek to address some of the misconceptions to protect the needs of the group. Transgender affirming healthcare is a challenging issue because such efforts are often opposed by policymakers. It is the responsibility of healthcare professionals to address some of the misconceptions regarding transgender issues and ensure that LGBTQ individuals gain access to appropriate care. Access to healthcare services is another important factor that has to be considered. It is important to understand that LGBTQ individuals are reluctant to report their needs because of stereotypes and discrimination (CDC, n.d.). Thus, nurses should focus on the establishment of an environment that would make it easier to discuss the issues faced by the LGBTQ community. Supporting services are of utmost importance because LGBTQ individuals are negatively affected by employment inequality and similar issues. One may argue that the sixth essential is of utmost importance in this area because it is focused on the development and implementation of policies (AACN, 2011). LGBTQ individuals have to deal with a set of unique challenges, and nurses are provided with opportunities to participate in the development of policies. Nurses should examine the issues faced by the LGBTQ community and support the interventions that could help the individuals to address some of the challenges. The needs of the LGBTQ community are often overlooked, and nurses should analyze available research to support the implementation of evidence-based interventions.


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Engaging in clinical research programs is a form that nurses can help make sure that they stay ahead of the potential threats towards the LGBTQ health. Numerous people are still figuring out about their sexuality and personality thus investing in such clinical programs and advocacy will help ensure that they help people in the community.

Taking part in the national movements is one political statement that nurses can choose a specific one and become part. The nurses are a symbol of health and given that there still are few health institutions that can still despise the member of the LGBTQ in a developed country such as the United States (Russett, 2016). The people in other countries have a difficult time because of the laws in place thus nurses can choose to introduce such programs and stand for them.

Holding positions in government agencies is another measure to help the LGBTQ politically because they need a voice higher in the channel. The opportunity will help provide them with a voice in the health care that will ensure that the laws introduced do not hinder them while at the same time guaranteeing better health care environment.

The cultural competencies are the essentials relative to the study and argument because it seeks to ensure that people are learning. The concept is essential because it focuses on the community’s culture and how the various people interact and socialize in this current decade with the level of socialization (Chin, Trimble & Garcia, 2018). The people have formed families and friends over the internet thus it will be important for the nurses to also choose the various policies in

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